Lynda J. Williams design can come in at any point in your process to create a brand new web site or maintain and expand an existing one. Whether you already have a web site and have lost your webmaster, know exactly what you want and have all the text and graphic elements, or need guidance and direction, as well as custom graphics and copy wirting, I can do that for you. Give me a call!

Here is a listing of some of the web sites we've created for our clients. Check back soon as we add more links.

Booka Restaurant & Bar recently opened (May, 2013) in the historic Bay View Hotel in Aptos, CA. The owners had a very specific look and feel that they were after for this "casual fine dining" experience they were introducing to the area. Working closely together, we carried on specific, detailed discussions about form, function, and colors, working closely together until the site was exactly what they wanted.

Dr. Shermeil Dass, M.D., needed a web site face lift but didn't want any of her content to change. So we simply created a new framework for the existing content.

Nustar Contracting is a general contractor in Woodland Hills, CA. The client wanted a web site they could update on their own once the site was complete. Although this can be done with Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress sites, the client wanted an interface that was more flexible and varied than those templates could provide. So we worked with one of our programming partners, who created a custom CMS (Content Management System) for the client, and they can now add new images of their work, update descriptions of their services, and add new testimonials themselves, keeping their site fresh and new without added expense.

This web site already existed when we were called in after the previous webmaster had to leave. We seamlessly integrated several new pages and a new menu bar to match the existing style and layout of the web site, and continue to maintain the site and its shopping cart.

BV Entertainment, The Fright Film Factory, is an independent film company specializing in old-school horror movies. We've been maintaining this site since we created it in 2003. We also animated the Flash logo using graphics provided by the client.

This is the final version we created for Arianna before she took the work in-house last year. Arianna was our first client in 1994, and this link is to an archived copy of the web site at The Wayback Machine, an archive for web sites.

Total Fabrication, Inc., has been a client since 2001, and is the fourth version of this web site. We created a Flash-animated header, photo galleries, and video galleries to show off their amazing specialty costumes. Graphics were provided by the client, and we continue to maintain this web site. is an offshoot of Total Fabrication, Inc. Created in 2010, is designed to showcase the specialized costumes created to look like giant, animated food and food packaging.

This online version of Mondo Cult Magazine is devoted to contemporary and historic world culture in the form of film, music, and literature. We not only designed the web logo and menu graphics for this site, we installed, configured, and customized a Simple Machine forum and Word Press blog. Once the site structure was laid out and completed, we taught the editor to maintain the site herself to keep her costs down. Like all our clients, we continue to provide lifetime support for the site.

Lynda met Emmy-Awared-winning producer/director Ed Polgardy when they worked on The Halfway House together. Ed needed a simple web presence, and we were happy to oblige. Like Jessie Lilley at Mondo Cult, Ed learned to maintain and update the site himself once the structure and layout were solidly in place. Be sure to check out his reel!

Stealth Flash Drive

We were approached in 2009 to create a web site for a then-cutting-`edge product intended to protect sensitive personal files. The company abandoned the product before the site was completed and went live, leaving us with a web site we couldn't use or sell. Here is a copy of it, just for you.